Smartware replacement, no more resource (wdfme) hogging

IF you do not need the security features in Smartware there is a viable continuous backup alternative that performs all the backup functions without being a resource hog (ie. no more WDFME running all the time at 50+% of cpu).  It is simple to use and can do catagory and/or (mix) file backups.  It is FREE!  There are more advanced versions that can include system and catastrophy type backups and add some functionality not included in the free edition.

Genie Timeline Free

I’ve been using it for 2 days now.  It apparently does not constantly scan your system but keeps an index of modified files that need backing up.  It does the backup automatically on an hourly basis (free edition) but you can force it a any time.

Another alternative is Oops!Backup but I have not tried it as there is no free version, only a free trial.

But here is a review of Genie & Oops!.

I found a different alternative.

I uninstalled Smartware latest version (as per updates) and then reinstalled the version that came with the My Book (v1.4.1.1) and it has solved the resource hogging problems. I suppose there was a reason why the updates were issued but this old version seems to be doing the job properly so I will stick with that for now. I like the way Smartware works but could no longer live with that first half hour of the day when it took over my computer.