SmartWare Pro Does Not See Drive MyPassport Which Is Connected To My Router

I purchased a 2GB MyPassport USB drive to use with my Linksys EA6500 router for backing up the computers (and smart phones) on my network.  The Smartware Pro software does not see network drives, so I cannot use the drive for the intended purpose without purchasing additional software (I can backup the phones using an app).  WD really needs to fix this in a new release of the software.  As this would be an easy feature to add, there must be some ulterior motive involved with their not providing this functionality in the original release.

Hi WillG100, welcome to the WD Community. If you want to backup your files to a network location only WD NAS drives are currently supported. USB drives are advertised to work with Smartware only when connected directly to the PC. You can share any suggestion for future updates in the ideas boards.

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