Smartware Pro does not recognise or retrieve backed up files on My Passport Elite

A few months ago, I backed up files on My Passport Elite as I had to reformat my hard drive.  I have since installed a My Book and backed up files onto that using the latest Smartware version 2.4.1.  When opening WD Smartware now it recognises both the connected My Passport and My Book.  It gives all the back up volumes of My Book, but not of My Passport.  Instead it shows in grey only 290 MB of “Additional Files”, which is exactly the size of the backed up files on My Passport.  Consequently, I can longer retrieve the back up files on My Passport and some of which I still need desperately!!  I have run the Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics programme, which finds nothing run with the disc of My Passport and gives it a clean bill of health.  There may be an uncompatibility between the latest Smartware and the version of Smartware I used when backing up the files to My Passport.  I appreciate any help anyone can give me in resolving this issue.


I recommend you uninstall WD Smartware and then reinstall it.

If this still not working then you can always access the files manually.

You can go to the Passport drive and look for a folder called “WDSmartware.swstor”. This is the backup folder and all the backed up files should be in here. You just have to move then to your computer.

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