SmartWare PC Backup and EX2

Hello everybody

I have problems to establish a connection of the PC Backup Utility Smartware with my new EX2

The problems is related to the personal FW of windows and the lack of WD Software to register the needed FW Rules in the windows FW /and document what is needed fot other FW types/.

Once Ive disabled the windows FW, magically the EX2 became visible as backup-target, before it was not usable.

When I´ve activated it again, it disapeared again, regardless the ongoing backup jpb executed.

For all 4 active WD* processes in Windows Task Manager I´ve created manually FW rules to allow all incomming connection, but this does not help.

It´s strange, that the WD SmartWare Backup SW has no ability to “manualy register” a backup target. In combination that the instalation wizard is not aware nor handling any PC FW topics, this is deadly problem.

more infos from many other customers who feels same pain is here:


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