Smartware open/running question

i see down by the clock i have a wd quick view icon down with my notification icons. my question is for smartware to backup to i have to have the entire program open and sitting in my taskbar and taking up space? i checked the task manager and do not see it in the running tasks unless the wd smartwave full program is open.

if this is the case is there anyway to hide it or put in with the notification icons?

WD Smartware should be in the task bar, as this application is suppose to be running 24/7, but do not need to be open, in order to run a backup.

thanks. does it have any option to send to notification area?

You can modify the icons showing in the notification area. Here’s an article that i found , i might come handy for you , hope this helps. 

I would be happy to run WDS 24/7 if it did what it claims - i.e. to work unobtrusively in the background so you can continue to use your pc. This is not my experience and to my mind its one of the worst products I’ve had the misfortune to buy.

I have a “My Passport Essential” and even when this is not connected I have to tolerate poor performance from my pc for a couple of hours every time I start it up, from what appears to be WDFME using system resources (on what I’ve no idea).

My solution - not to turn my laptop off unless I have to.

If I do feel brave and connect the drive I might as well take the day off from my pc as it completely grinds to a halt. I turn all my applications off, as they’re unusable, and start to back-up. Even this is a trauma, as its then almost  impossible to stop as none of the functions appear to work, such as start/stop backup and if you try to “safely eject software” a message comes up saying it can’t - try again later!

My solution: only  connect when you don’t need to use your pc.

Quite simply, I think its atrocious and WD may produce the worlds best selling hard drives, as claimed, uits just a pity it can’t produce the s/w to support them.

Hi there. 

The software is not performing as it should. It will recommend to update the Firmware and Software on it. 

My software does Perform fine so far, to tell you the truth I only used it for encryption and use Windows Backup for the rest. About the safely removal of the drive , this is a normal behavior and is not necessarily related to Smartware, Windows will not allow the drive to be removed if any other application is accessing it, need to make sure you close any other apps before safely removing, there’s also some issues on prior Operating Systems (XP, Vista) when using antivirus programs that will not allow to remove the drive safely as well.

 I know the software is not the best in the world, but it works for some people , like me. Hope this helps.