Smartware on 2nd PC - cannot log in to folders


sorry if this is in wrong area, newbie!!

I managed to setup MyCloud & Smartware backups on my Windows 7 PC for 5 users ok, I am now trying to set up a windows 8.1 laptop to backup 3 users to same MyCloud folders, but I keep hitting a problem…Smartware will not let me access the folders…

I have installed Smartware on the laptop, when I try to select a target folder in Smartware to backup to, it keeps asking me for a username & password, I enter the admin user name for the MyCloud, but it won’t select the folder (turn blue) or allow me to setup the backup.

the only folders it will allow me to select are - public & Smartware

I have set the laptop workgroup name to the same on dashboard & I can see / access all the users folders in the network, but i cannot fathom out if it wants a different password or there is another setting i need to change.

any assistance/advise would be greatly appreciated



Hello, are you trying to backup to a password protected private share?

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Yes its a private share - my share (the administrator)

On the first PC I can access the folder fine, but on the laptop it just keeps asking for the user name & password. I enter the users name & password for that share, but the WD My cloud square stays grey, I click on it again & it asks again for the user & password.

is it something to do with the windows accounts being different?


I think I’ve cracked it!!

I’ve just set up a new user profile on the laptop with the same user name & password as on PC,

in Smartware, when it asked for the user name & password, I entered the same user & password as before…

This time it has granted me access…:smiley: