Smartware not working

So I updated the WD Smart ware released on 8/16. Now my WD My Book Live stays running all the time. When I start the smart ware it states that an upgrade is available. I down load the upgrade (again) and comes back with an error code 1603. I can access my WD utilizing the dashboard and I set my energy saver to 10 minutes before the WD will go on stand by but it do not. Now my WD is alerting me stating that the device is running hot. Can some one help?

What if you completely uninstall smartware and load the new version directly from WD’s site?

1603 is a Windows error code. I had the same problem and I needed to replace the drive. Under tools,test your drive. I had a problem.

I will run the test today and inform you as soon as its done. Would that be the WD drive that needs to be replaced? This will be the second drive I have gone through…

I have done this and the same thing happens.

Guys, I don’t think it’s a Windows error… If you check the boards you’ll note that this happens when you try to update smartware from an old version to a new version; that’s software, replacing a drive to have the same software will have the same problem.

I’d try clean the Windows registry with CCcleaner or any other optimizer, then try to uninstall Smartware. If Smartware doesn’t want to uninstall then the program is broken in the installation.

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So now I have to pay for a program to clean my computer? for a program that should be working fine…

CCleaner is free, dude. Try to at least check on Google next time you refute a suggestion.

OK. So I ran a “Full Diagnostic” check and it cam back that it passed. I am cheking “Google” now for a “CCleaner”.

kaylarosefrr wrote:

OK. So I ran a “Full Diagnostic” check and it cam back that it passed. I am cheking “Google” now for a “CCleaner”.