Smartware not working

I am having a problem with Smartware.  When first installed it works fine but after a short time it no longer reports anything about the backups or the drive.  When trying to retrieve files it is not showing any files to retrieve.  The backups are there (can be seen in Windows Explorer).

I have installed and reinstalled the software but get the same result - works for a short time and then no longer reports the status and cannot retrieve files.

Any help is appreciated,

OS Windows 7

Firmware 1.003

Smartware Version

Did it come with that version, or did you update?  Did you uninstall the old version first if you updated?

I believe the first time I did not uninstall the original version - just followed whatever the process was to upgrade to the next version.  Then went it stopped working I completely uninstalled and then did a fresh install of

did you ever get it working?