Smartware not seeing My Cloud

So I spent the better part of last week and the weekend searching and reading through the numerous topics on this subject to no avail. My situation is this: I have a new 4Tb My Cloud plugged into a Netgear R6300 router. I did so following the brief instructions from WD that came with the unit. I loaded up the setup software, walked through the prompts without error. I loaded up Smartware as instructed, no errors or warnings upon install. 

I loaded up the mobile app on my iPhone 5s. So far so good. I made sure I had the latest versions of Smartware and Quickview.

OK, so at this point, my network sees the drive, the mobile app sees the drive, I can get to the console via browser wdmycloud.local\UI, etc… Both the My Cloud program and the browser console allow me to see everything. The drive shows and is accessible as a “network” on my laptop (Win 7 Home) and I have mapped a drive to the My Cloud.

Now the confusion comes in with Quickview and Smartware. At first, launching QV does nothing from the menu. Then I try the tray icon, right click, and get only About, Smartware, and Exit. I begin to wonder what QV is even supposed to do except launch SW not realizing I should be seeing other things. 

I launch SW and everything is fine except that I cannot see My Cloud as a backup target. I only see Drop Box and the backup tab is greyed out. 

So I start reading and searching and reading and searching. I see references to uninstall and reinstall QV and SW. I did that. I restarted the laptop afterwards. I rebooted the drive. I saw references to firewall settings. I’m running just the standard settings of Windows Firewall which I have never touched or modified, but it’s on. I am also running the free version of Avast. 

On further reading, I disable both, turning them off completely but no change to SW or the visibility of My Cloud.

I have seen a few mentions of the drive showing briefly for some. I never got that. Nothing is acting flakey, the drive is there via MS explorer every time. I can get into it from the browser every time. Drive mapping stays every time. I can read/write to the drive manually. I can see it on the mobile app and read/write from both inside and outside my home network.

But all I primarily want to do is to have a place to which I can automatically back up my laptop. The rest of the functionality is nice and I’ll use it, but it’s the auto backups I am after.

So just to follow up for anyone else experiencing this same issue. Turns out some of my services settings were not ideal for My Cloud. I found this through searching out my issue and after setting up everything listed to match these parameters, it was recognized and aailable for backups.

  1. Click on the “Start” menu, and on the search bar please type “Services.msc”.

  2. Once opened, please look for the following services and insure that their Status is enabled or started and their Startup type is Automatic:

Network Connections. Started and automatic.
Network List Service. Started and automatic.
Network Location Awareness. Started and automatic.
Network Store Interface Service. Started and automatic.
Server. Started and automatic.
SSDP Discovery. Started and automatic.
UPnP Device Host. Started and automatic.
Workstation. Started and automatic.

Once the services are set correctly, please restart your PC and try again.

Good luck

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Thank you for sharing what worked for you. Hopefully this will be helpful to other Users as well.


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