Smartware not seeing MBLD

Challenges with this device never stop.   Now the WD Smartware on my PC is just not seeing the MBLD.  On the Home Page, there is only one column for my PC and not the second column for the MBLD Drive.  Does anyone have any idea on what might be going on and how to access the MBLD through the WD Smartware? (incidentally, I do see the MBLD drives through Windows Explorer.

Okay – so for some reason I was seeing the drives in Wondows Explorer but whenn I tried to logon to the Control Panel, it didnt connect.  So I simply rebooted the MBLD my pulling out the plug which I know you are not supposed to do, but I had no choice.   Now my Smarware is working again, but it seems to be trying to backup everything all over again.  The WD MBLD is very frustrating.