Smartware not recognizing internal drives (SSD and HDD)

I installed my My Passport 1.5TB drive last night and updated firmware from (although I can’t find the version number) and downloaded the latest Smartware (v 1.6.5).  Smartware launches just fine and the computer recognizes the My Passport drive as the appropriate size, but Smartware doesn’t identify any internal drives on my computer.

I’m using an HP Pavilion m7 running Windows 7 Ultimate.  My primary drive is a Samsung 250Gb SSD with a 1Tb Toshiba drive as my secondary.  

On the HOME tab in Smartware it shows the My Passport only and says it is 1.4TB total, 1.4TB free although all the factory software/files are still on there.

Any help to get this drive to work as my backup would be appreciated.  I had a Passport for my old machine that saved me when that machine kicked the bucket, and I had been using Smartware as my backup.


Did you notice if this started to happen after installing the latest version of Smartware?