SmartWare not performing continuous backup

I used SmartWare to create a BU from a directory on an external drive to a shared folder on my MBL. 325gb, it took DAYS to perform. There is no updating taking place on the shared folder when I add/change files/folders in the original directory. I must be doing something wrong. Any advice?



Have you tried exploring the smartware backup folder in the My Book? You can verify manually if the backup is complete, you can also verify if the backup is complete from the smartware home tab. 

TY for the response. I go straight to the Share and navigate to the folder location in which a file has been added or changed. The file structure remains the same as when I performed the original backup, the new/updated files do not appear. The only way I can get the file(s) to update is to lanuch SmartWare, make a change to the backujp instructions, then click Apply Changes. Then the process starts all over again and I wait for days for the new file(s) to backup. The software says it keeps track of changes on the fly and makes them instantly.