SmartWare not doing anything!

I bought a 500GB MyBook Essential today, wanting to use the WD SmartWare software on my computer. However when I click on the SmartWare setup icon, nothing happens! I have opened task manager, and the process seems to start, then linger for 10 seconds, before disappearing. I have tried run as admin, compatibility mode, and nothing works. It is very frustrating, as I thought WD could make a funictional, working drive and software with it. Please help.

I’m running Windows 7 professional 32 bit on an HP ProBook

It’s probably up to date then. The eggheads never thought of putting a popup in stating you were up to date. It’s been requested many times because of the confusion it causes. If everything works I wouldn’t worry about the Firmware updates.


Thank you for your post, but I think I need some clarification.

I want to get my hard drive up and running with the SmartWare software. I have now managed to successfully update the firmware, but SmartWare still isn’t working (as described in the first post). I can use the drive as a storage device, but I want to use SmartWare.

How is firmware related to SmartWare? Is there any way I could use SmartWare? 

Maybe I should just take the drive in for a fix, replacement, or refund.

Help is still needed, and appreciated.

I’ve managed to fix the problem (finally!)

I entered the folder on the VCD called SmartWare, and ran the 32bit(x86) .msi installer. SmartWare now appears to be functioning, although I haven’t backed up yet. Thanks for your help.

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