Smartware not categorizing my drives

I just re-installed MyBook Elite 2 GB in order to get back to the Smartware version.  Under the version, Smarware kept crashing (I will create a separate post on this).

While Smartware appears to be running OK, under the HOME tab I thought that my drives would be categorized by file type, but it is doing nothing.

MyBook already shows Firmware Revision 2.003 – I am running XP Professional SP3 and have Net 3.5 - all my Windows software is fully updated and I just “cleaned out” my registry before re-installing.


  • John

I am having a similar problem where smartware is showing that it has removed my music on my MY Book essential. but when i access it via windows explorer its all still there thank god.

I have the same problem. When reverting to everything works as should. Running Windows 7 32bit with My Wbook Essential 1TB. I even updated windows to the latest fixes and deleted the bakup directory in my external drive before a clean install. The software front end runs, but it will do nothing, not even create the directory in the drive. Already uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I am sticking with previous version until this issue gets solved.