Smartware not backing up new files

I am running the lateset version of smartware on windows XP, and my 3g MBL is running the latest firmware.

When I scan in a new document  it is placed in …/My Documents/My Pictures/MP Navigator EX/2013_MM_DD

However, even weeks later it does not appeat on MBL.

In smartware all of these directories are marked for backup and the backup is enabled.

This is rather frustrating, because the reason I bought MBL is that it is supposed to continously backup data.  I have removed all data from MBL previously, and done a complete backup but this is not resolved the problem.

Any Ideas?

I am having the same problem.  SOME of my files are backed up.  I posted on this site and only one responce that was useless.

I have a problem with WD Photo not uploading properly all my photos, and again no fix.

I think WD MUST get on this forum and solve problems.

At this point I would not buy anything ever again from Wester Digital.

are you manually navigating to \mybooklive\smartware\PCname\etc etc folder to view the files in the backup folder?

 Yes cman548, that is how I am looking to see if files have been backed up.

are the files automatically named, or are you naming them various things when you scan them?

The files have a variety of different names.  - what are you thinking off?

oh, didn’t know if a scanning program was always naming it the same, so maybe the MBl didn’t see a new file.  something like that.

How about setting up a new folder on your desktop, going into smartware to select that folder for backup, click Apply, make sure backup is enabled.

then move the files into that new folder.  Just to see what happens.

I’ve done a factory reset and I’m currenty running a complete backup… Once done, if the problem persists I’ll give it a go and let you know what happens.

A factory reset seems to have resolved this. Its been running fine now for the past 3 weeks.