SMARTWARE not able to restore files

I am trying to help a friend who was backing up their desktop with Smartware.

When you go to the retrieve tab it looks like there has never been a backup.

I’ve checked the settings and everything seems to look fine:

I’ve gone into Explorere and everything seems to be there:

How Can I go about restoring these files. Do I have to tell SMARTWARE to re-import them or something. It looks like it has lost track of all the backups it’s done!

Please help



I am inclined to believe the files were not copied with WD SmartWare as the posted pictures do not reflect the single backup structure used by WD SmartWare.

This backup structure is:

Disk drive> wd smartware.swstor> Names of PC’s backed up> Volumes> Users/Documents and Settings> User Profiles> Files.

It does not keep individual backup folders per date.

It would be best to confirm the exact application that was used to create the backups as WD SmartWare will be unable to restore backups from 3rd party applications.

I have to agree with JStaff, but what was showing when you clicked on the Home tab? The Backup tab?


Use the following link to open the User Manual and see Retrieving Files. 

Lesson learned…




and end user :stuck_out_tongue:

You were right. They weren’t using the SmartWare software included in with the drive. They were actually using Windows Backup. I had checked if they had been using Windows backup just encase but the Virus had wiped out all info that the machine had been backing up.

Thanks a bunch!