Smartware no longer sees my Seagate 3TB external drive for backups

I’ve been successfully using a Seagate 3TB external drive for WD Smartware backup. I recently bought 2 WD 4TB Red drives and a hard drive dock for both my and my wife’s computer. Everything is fine on mine, but after connecting the new dock and WD 4TB drive to my wife’s computer, when I start Smartware, it shows ONLY the newly-added WD 4TB drive as available for backup (in additon to the always present WD Cloud). I’ve switched USB3 connections, rebooted, etc. etc., but Smartware refuses to see the Seagate 3TB drive as available for backups. Windows Explorer sees the all of the drives, and I can work with the Seagate that way, but I want to continue to use it as a backup drive using Smartware. I’m using the latest Smartware Pro software…

Is the original device recognized as a valid target for backups when the new hard drives are disconnected? It is possible there is a conflict. Also, please bear in mind WD SmartWare and WD SmartWare Pro do not behave the same. If WD SmartWare (Standard) is the one installed on her computer, then it won’t see the Seagate drive as non-SmartWare drives will only with with WD SmartWare Pro.


Both computers are using Smartware Pro Both computers are HP Z820 workstations, both have a SSD for C:, and three internal WD 3TB drives set up as RAID5. The Smartware Pro on my computer (I’ll call it #1) works fine.

The Smartware Pro on my wife’s computer (call it #2) refuses to see more than one target backup drive. No matter how many drives are attached, Smartware defaults to see only the WD4TB dock drive. In addition to the Seagate and WD4TB externals, this morning I plugged in another HD to a front-panel USB, and it, too, is invisible to Smartware if the WD4TB dock HD is attached. If I disconnect the WD4TB, then Smartware sees the Seagate 4TB drive (but not the front-panel USB drive). If I then disconnect the Seagate 4TB as well, then Smartware sees the only drive remaining, the front-panel HD. (BTW, the WD4TB and the 4TB Seagate are attached via rear-panel USB ports on the computer).

It looks like the issue is probably with some setting in the computer, not the Smartware Pro software…? Any clue? I’d be happy to send a pdf of a Belarc computer report, but don’t know if I can through this community forum…