Smartware Never Worked

I  bought a 1T Passport SE for the encryption software but it has never worked.  I have installed the icon from the VCD and updated firmware and software through the support site.  I’ve even tried multiple options in reformatting the drive.  Whether from my shortcut bar, applications folder or VCD, when I try to open Smartware, an icon appears in my dock for just a couple of seconds and then disappears. (Yes, I have the most up to date Flash player.) This product (Smartware)  is fraudulent as it is advertised on the box as something you CAN ACTUALLY USE.  I am writing this as a warning to all potential Mac folks who think that this might be the drive for them because it’s marketed that way, Apple sells it, and it comes in a silver case.   WD tech support says that the software works with some macs and not others–they cannot determine why.  If there’s a Mac person who’s figured this out because tech support hasn’t, please help.  If not, potential buyers beware.