SmartWare missing scheduled backups after resolving lock/unlock security problem

I am running WD SmartWare Pro version 2.10.4 on Windows 8.1. Recently I discovered (to my horror) that if I remove the My-Passort-Ultra 1TB portable drive and connect it to my WIndows/XP system, the drive is not password locked (even though it is supposed to be automatically locked upon removal)… 

In order to try and resolve this problem I went back, opened WD-Security and unchecked the “Enable auto unlock for user” option. Subsequently, after removing the drive and re-connecting it, the drive was properly password locked.

Unfortunately, I have now discovered that since this time the SmartWare has missed the scheduled daily file backups which are set. I don’t know whether these issues are connected, so my question now is, what causes a scheduled backup to be missed and how can this be avoided? Also, is anyone else aware of the lock/unlock problem which I encountered? 

Hello Neatstep, Welcome to the WD Community. As you have removed the auto unlock feature, the drive is not mounted in the computer and the Smarware cannot use it for the backups. The Auto unlock feature should only work for the user that is selected under the computer that the password was created. Do you have the same user and password on your Windows 8.1 and Windows XP?

To clarify:

I do not have the same UserID on each system. Surely the lock/unlock must be independent of the user!

Regardless, according to the documentation, the drive should always auto lock whenever it is removed. Otherwise, anybody could remove and read the drive on another system, meaning “no security”. 

This appeared to work properly after I had cleared the auto unlock setting.

I think this is an issue which needs fixing otherwise I don’t see how it is possible to use the software for creating secure password-protected backups - unless you have another suggestion.