Smartware misses .pdf files at random

I am having an issue with WD Smartmare (newest version installed) where it misses random .pdf files for backup. For example there will be a folder with 15 .pdf files and only 4 of them will get backed up or maybe all but one .pdf file. Has anyone else had this issue?

Steps I have taken are a clean reset of the WD Mycloud. Uninstall and reinstall smartware. Neither has had any affect. The same .pdf files are missed in each circumstance.

Any help would be great!


I haven’t seen this case. By any chance, are those files protected?

Have you tried setting a file backup?

Hello ERmorel
Thank you for responding.
I have found both .docx and .pdf files that do not back up. I have found something in common with the files that do not back up. Under the file properties GENERAL tab at the bottom it says “Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.”

Would that be the culprit and how do I fix that universally throughout my computer?


Im having the same problem, with 300 files not backed up and using

86 GB of space.