Smartware Malfunctioning

The last time the unit wouldn’t work properly, I was told to remove and reload the software.  That worked until my laptop went thru a software addition and/or windows update and now the unit won’t perform again, etc.   I attempted the same fix as before, but something got screwed up:

  • I can’t remove the software and reinstall it on my C-Drive; I get an error message when doing the add/remove programs.
  • I got frustrated and in error removed and reloaded the software inside the Passport Essential itself too and probably messed things up.
  • The unit says the software and firmware are both up-to-date on my system.
  • When I attempt to backup my C-Drive the smartware’s backup tab is not accessible (you can’t highlight and click it open), the exernal drive’s current files are not posted, no right-side column appears at all.
  • I can get the external HD files to show up in the left-hand column when I change the C to F Drive under my computer.
  • The drive settings tab is also not accessible.


Most likely smartware is not recognizing that a hard drive is connected to the computer. Can you start by posting the model number of your drive and operating system you are using? Also how do you have the passport formatted?

Laptop or desktop if desktop make sure you check data cables and connect drive directly to the back of the computer without using a HUB. Let me know how it works out for you.