Smartware locked, format?

Hi all,
Have a drive that I havent used in about a year, and my password hint is IDK. Go Me.
Dont care about the data, I backed it up with backblaze and have all the data, but I cant format this thing so I can give it to my mother in law.
Tried to update the firmware, but it says the drive is locked. same with VDC removal.
Im on a mac, tried diskutil erasedisk but that failed. Tried formatting on my Synology server, nope…
How do I format it? Someone said after 10 attempts, itll give the option to format. Doesnt seem to.

WD SmartWare must be installed and running in your system in order for the erase option to be offered after 5 attempts. Open WD SmartWare, and try to unlock the unit from the application’s interface as opposed to using the WD Unlocker tool. This will trigger the prompt.

The application can be downloaded from WD’s Support Site.

Ah ok - Ive tried installing that on my mac, but seems to hang on install…? Any ideas?