Smartware live nightmare

Well I have spent a couple days trying to get this working on my Win7 Pro Machine. No problem seeing the drive on the network and configuring. This great smartware software wont install or uninstall because something is corrupted from all the uninstalls and reinstalls. When I did have this great fantastic software working for a while no partition was found on the my book live and the backup and recovery was greyed out. Im going to take this back to BestBuy. Im almost done with this fustration and I’ve been doing IT since my first commodore pet computer in 1978. I think you guy’s need a few good programmers with experience. I’m sure it’s not too hard to make a program that actually works. How do you completely unistall this program. Last program with program I had troubles with like this was Norton. I would never put a symantic product on any company computer since that time 10 years ago. How do I completely uninstall this CLEAN.

Jon Slater

Try to clean the registry with Ccleaner to repair the corrupted installation files and then try to reload the software to repair it, then remove it.

Yes, I ccleaner my Win7 laptop. Won’t uninstall it says the installation file is corrupted call the vendor of the software using ccleaner and win7. If I try to reinstall Smartware says my installation is Up To Date no need to install. I need a script or something to Fully Uninstall this program. How can I edit the registry to force the reinstall of this great program.

Thanks Jon Slater

I’m having the same problem and I think this is ridiculous.  I’m glad it wasn’t just me.  I was a little embarrassed to have to come here looking for a solution since I’m IT for my company.  Really glad to see I’m not the only one.

Ha, I completely agree !  I have a imac and should have know better to install the software. It does not work ! It says the drive is full and I have not put anything on it yet . . . they must think we have nothing to do all day but solve computer problems !  What a Pain!