SmartWare kills right-click context menu

PROBLEM:  Installing Smartware greatly delays the context menu from appearing when you right-click a desktop icon in Windows 7.  For example, to get the file size of a document, you want to right click on its icon, the context menu pops up instantly, and then left click on Properties.  However, in this case the hourglass cursor (or similar) keeps spinning for 2 minutes until the context menu finally appears.

Uninstalling Smartware restores proper functioning of the right-click context menu.  Reinstalling Smartware greatly delays the context menu again.  

WORKAROUND:  I’ve decided to use the “Backup and Restore”  function that is included with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional.  I am using a Western Digital My Passport Essential SE, model # WDBABM7500ABK

I am posting this to help other users from experiencing the same frustration.  MIcrosoft support knowledge base says poorly written context menu handlers by third parties, whose software inserts itself as a context menu item, can cause these kinds of problems.

I have seen that Smartware can slowdown some computer confugurations, did you ever tried to open the task manager to see how much processing time was Smartware taking?