SmartWare keeps losing connection to MyCloud

My configuration is MyCloud 3 TB with a 2 TB Seagate drive tethered to theUSB port. MyClloud is connected via Ethernet to my Gigabit router. I’m using my Seagate HDD as my backup target.

After much consternation, and with great WD phone support, I was able to get a complete backup to my Seagate drive by using SmartWare connecting the Seagate directly to a USB 3.0 port on my computer. My primary objective for purchasing My Cloud is to allow remote access to my files. My configuration appears to be stable with the Seagate attached to my computer, but with no internet connectivity.

Using the configuration stated in my first paragraph above I apparently can get everything needed, based on a couple of simple tests. Problem is that when left alone with my computer powered up the HDDs disconnect at random times. I can reconnect by either restarting SmartWare or rebooting MyCloud. Then after several hours the system breaks again as evidenced by MyCloud showing or the message “no writeable partition found”.

How can I “set it and forget it”?


If you try to backup to the My Cloud without the USB connected Does the same thing happen? This is just to test and try to narrow down the possible causes for this issue.

No. Without USB HDD tethered to MyCloud the system appears to be more stable.

Still having problems with MyCloud losing connection. It no longer shows in File Manager via “This PC” or Disk Management but does show in Device Manager to be working properly. See attached images. Also, it appears to be working - solid blue light and vibrates like the disc is spinning. MyCloud is hooked using Ethernet to a NetGear 3700 router and the LED on that connection shows a good connection. I’ve checked wiring and everything is solid

What info do I need to provide to continue troubleshooting?