SmartWare: Is Required?

Do I have to Install WD SmartWare?

Does It require?

Or if I use It without installing, it wont have any problem?


You don’t have to install it.  You can use the drive without it.  If you want, you can even disable the VCD.

Can I completely remove the VCD from the drive (not temporarily disable it), prevent the drive from creating both the virtual drive and the storage drive when plugging in the USB, and recover the disk space used by the VCD? Does removal of the VCD void the warranty or have other adverse legal effects? If not, how do I remove the VCD? Does this require repartitioning and reformmating the drive?

Thanks Wayne :wink:

It helped a lot :slight_smile:

This is a great question, but it has NOT been answered, yet.

The question is specific …

Can the external drive still function legally and perfectly without the smartware being on the external drive?

Can the smartware be removed completely so there is more room on the external drive for other programs?

I also want to know BEFORE I purchase a WD external drive.

Thank you.

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I’m going to return my WD and buy a different brand. That should solve the annoying “SmartWare” problem.