Smartware is not so smart

I by a product to back-up files. Yet I can’t select the folders to back-up… By design… How incredibly silly WD.

Quality control must be tollaly missing  at  WD. How can a product like this be sold? This is a sure way to get rid of your reputation. 

Utterly amazing display of amateurism.


I totally agreee with you. Nevertheless I really hope WD will add this feature in the next release of Smartware.

Ih the mean time I managed my rules by editing directly the files that describe them :

Good luck.


I agree, I’d like the option to select folders to backup too.   Worse yet I just installed this yesterday.  After the first backup two user folders appear to be completely missing.  I’ve submitted a problem report and we’ll see what happens.  This is on a MyBook, 2TB, Vista, WD Smartware version 

This user is not so smart either.  The iniitial install had the missing user problem but was running an old version of SmartWare.  I updated to the current version after the initial backup.  After update I thought the problem was still there, but didn’t notice that the update also turned off backups.  I was looking at an old backup and Smartware wasn’t yet adding anything.   I needed to also select “Start Backup” after the update.  When this was done several minutges ago Smartware found another 43 Gb to backup.  The backup is still running but probably everything will be OK when it completes.