Smartware install on mac (My Passport - Studio)


I have just bought a “Studio” drive of the “My Passport” series. You know, the one with the fancy lcd display. I work on a macbook pro running osx 10.8.2 and I am trying to get the software (WD Smartware) to install.

When I try to start the installer, it works


it gets stuck with an “estimated time remaining:” and then nothing and stays like that for hours until i manually quit it.

I would like to change the display of the drive (that’s about the only thing I’d need the smartware soft for) and would be thankful if someone could point out how to get this installation to work. I tried searching the forums but have not found anything that seems to answer my question.

Thank you,


If running 10.8 is better to use Time Machine for backup

not sure if Smartware will work on that OS

remains the question however how to change the display of the drive

Try downloading the latest version of smartware of our website and then retry