Smartware - How to see most recent activity?

I like Smartware for backup because of its continuous backup feature. …very attractive.

I’m bothered by Smartware’s lack of controls and lack of status information… or perhaps just my inabilities.  Is there a way to find out what it’s doing?  Specifically, I’d like to see the most recent files backed up.  This seems necessary since I use ‘Detailed View’ rather ‘category view’ to select specific drives and folders.  I want to discover files that are unnecessary to back up.

It also seems necessary since I can hear extreme amounts of disk activity that wasn’t present before.  It appears Smartware is putting unnecessary wear and tear on all my drives, and this would be a good reason not use it.

How can I see the most recent files being backed up?

Hi, you can explore the backup folder named smartware.swstor manually and see the files yourself.

To see which files are currently being backed up…use Task manager (Assuming you are using Windows)

From the Performance tab, click on Resource Monitor at the bottom.

Expand the Disk monitor to see files being copied in real time.