Smartware Home Page Bounce Into Public Folder

MBLD softward is so counterintutive that when I finally figure something out after much searching and research and then need to do it again affer a while I dont remember how it worked.   Devices should not be this way.  An automobile is a very compicated piece of equipment, but everytime I get in it I dont have to figure out how to make the darn thing work.

That said, I am having a problem I had in the past.  On the home page of Smartware – it only lets me connect to the Public drive.   Smartware does not seem to recognize that it has already backed up to my MBLD and is seeking to do it again from the start.  Does anyone have any idea what I might do to get back to where I once was?

From the Smartware home tab you should be able to see a dropdown windo below the My Book Live icon, where you can select the shared folder that you would like to use to backup your files. If you don’t see this option, be sure to have the latest Smartware version installed and the latest firmware installed for the My Book. Check the links below for more information.