Smartware has a Retrieval Problem

I’m running Win 7 using My Passport Ultra (drive E) as my backup.  I can access it and it is backing up data from drive M.  When I try to retrieve data it’s retrieving it from M and not E.  M is an internal WD drive and E is an exteral drive.  Why can’t I retrieve from the E drive?  I was able to a few months ago.  I can’t see what is wrong.  Help!  Here are the screens…

And here is the problem screen pointing to the M drive.

The Settings tab does not show a Diagnostic option. 

Hi there, actually you are retriving FROM the My Passport E:\ however TO the M:\ drive which you mentioned is internal in the computer. It is working as intended.

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately I am still having this problem. Maybe I can clarify it better. In the second screen print there is a window/box with a column titled Name. Under that title you will see the M drive. That should be my E drive in order to “select filesfrom my E drive not my M drive where I want it to go.

The 1st screen print shows the M drive where the files will be restored/moved to. That’s fine. It is the E drive where I need to select files from in order to retrieve in back to the M drive.

I can remember when I first got the hardware and did this, that it showed the E drive and I could select those files from the E drive. I was satisfied that it was working. But now it is showing the M drive.

I don’t want to retrieve from the M drive. It is the E drive I want to retrieve from and select files from. I must be doing something wrong. Can anyone help?

Maybe a simpler of saying this is, how do I specified which files to retrieve from my E drive when the drop down folder is showing my M drive in the second screen print?

It is doing it right but you need to choose what files you want to send to M and you have not checked anything.


I agree on choosing the files to restore but how do I go about doing that? It only shows the M drive where the files will sent. How do I open up the E drive to select the files to restore? I don’t see a way to do that.

Have you selected Retrieve All Files to see what it shows? Your second image shows you have selected Retrieve Some Files, Show older files and Show deleted files. Under Name you have not selected anything. I have a couple of images of when I had to retrieve mine for my desktop computer when I had to have the hard drive replaced. See images below.

Your second image also shows in the upper left hand corner, ***Select content to retrieve from My Passport BKUP (E:***), so you have to choose from what is shown under Name. To see what is in each file use the drop down menu.

For more on retrieval see the SmartWare Help tab, Retrieve.


Thanks for the screen prints but I don’t think we are on the same wave length yet. Maybe it’s me. The reason I haven’t selected any files in my screen print above is because it shows my target drive (M). The M drive is where I want to restore my backup files to. I need to see my E drive where the backup (source) files are stored, select those files, then they are copied back to the target (M drive).

If I select “Retrieve all files” nothing shows up underneath because there are no files to select. I don’t need to select anything. The software knows to copy all the files on the E drive to the M drive so there is no need to select anything.

So I am still stuck. Why isn’t this software allowing me to select files from my external backup passport drive (E) to restore on my internal drive (M)?

In the Help tab, Retrieve section…under the step “To retrieve individual files or folders” step 5 is where I get stuck because I can’t navigate to the backup drive (E). The only drive that is shown is the M drive where I want the backup files to be restored TO. According to Help, I should be able to select files from the backup drive (E).

OK, so what you are saying is that what is showing under Name is already on Data Disk M.

  1. James
  2. My Data 1
  3. My Data 2
  4. My Quicken Backup

Yes, exactly. M is not the backup drive but the drive I want the backup files to be restored to.