Smartware hangs when trying to open it

i  have a 1tb mybook. i have had it plugged into  my toshiba laptop running vista for 6 months.  i also have a 500gb external drive with itunes on it which is part of my backup plan.  Today for the first time i want to restore a fle from the mybook drive. I open smartware,  and it just hangs.  the main menu comes up  but the clock is  on  and it seems to loop back  and forth like it’s trying to start  something but then stops and does it over and over again. nothing is clickable. i looked at the drive using windows explorer and the latest file change is yesterday when i added some new cd’s into itunes and they are there. so i know backups work fine,  but i can’t get into  smartware to do a restore??

fyi: every time add a new file to itunes it causes smartware to abend as well (i get the smartware has stopped working message). my external drives are e: for the mybook and f: for the itunes drive.

Unistall then reinstall smartware