Smartware hangs at 1.80 MB of 1.83 MB copied


I see this or a variation all the time - the Home tab says Welcome, the Backup tab says

“1.80 MB of 1.83 MB copied”  Sometimes the drive is active, sometimes it isn’t.  The

“Start Backup” button is enabled.  When I click it, nothing different happens.  At various

points I’ve been able to either wait it out (hours) or somehow get past it, but not today.





Hi there, what version of Smartware do you use? You could try an update or also try forcing the backup activity under software settings> backup speed.


Hi, I am using, which I think is the latest.  I tried unsetting the backup speed, and it had no effect.




Mine is doing that exact same thing.  Hanging at 6.30 of 14.52 GB copied.  can’t click run backup, i’ve adjusted the backup speed … Sounds like its the exact same problem.


I haven’t been able to solve this.  The interesting thing is that I think I am still getting items backed up.   If I look on the drive I see some of the newer files from my computer copied over.  I’m gonna let this run for awhile, and then I am just going to give up and use some other back up software, as Smartware is just not getting it done.    If I can’t get other software to run with the drive, then it is good by Western Digital :frowning:




Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support