Smartware for Mac v installation issue

daytrdr, I followed your recommendation to use v instead of v That does not install either. I am running an iMac version 10.10 Yosemite. The install has been “running?” for 45 minutes and the activity icon has been “spinning” for that long. I will re-boot my machine while I wait for an answer.

Hi there,

Are you able to install that version of the software on a different computer? If yes, please try that.

Also make sure that your computer is running the latest updates including JAVA updates.

I have only one computer, as I have been retired since 2012. All available updates for my computer have been applied as they became available. The updates installed in the last 30 days are:

OS X Yosemite Recovery Update

version 1.0

installed Apr 25, 2015

OS X Update

version 10.10.3

installed Apr 25, 2015

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update

version 6.04

installed May 7, 2015


version 9.0.6

installed May 7, 2015

Anything else that I can answer, please ask…

Hi there,

On this case try contacting support so they can better assist you on this matter: