SmartWare folder not visible anymore!

I use smartware to backup my data. Until the latest update of the Android app and the web-portal the visibility of this folder could be managed by normal folder permissions. After the update, the smartware-folder is not visible anymore (new Android app and web-portal, an older windows-client still shows it)! Most of my data are no longer accessable!

It’s rather critical to change a released behaviour that way. What are the reasons therefor?
Probably you should rollback that change - or make a optional setting for it. I cannot see the point of hiding this…

Hi, unfortunately the application is working as intended on the latest version.

Please take a look at this link for more information.

Status: Acknowledge.

Thank you for your post and the link…

But I still do not understand why I should not have access on my data through the web-portal ( or on my android phone. The smartware folder is where my data backup is stored - this is also not changable.

In your link there is some OSX explanations… what has it to do with the web or android? I do not own any Apple devices and certainly will not in future. And a share on that folder works inside my home-network, but does not outside…

To conclude: I just want to access my backup data (is a NAS not supposed for this?)

I am having the same problem on Android only. I have iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Both have MyCloud app. I can see both Public and SmartWare folders on iPhone but only see Public folders on the Note 4. I am logged with the same credentials on both devices. The link above provided no additional help. Is there some other reason why these folders aren’t visible on my android device?

Now I was able to rename the SmartWare foldert to ‘Backup’. This solved the problem with the mobile devices… :smiley:

I have been having the exact same problem since the app update. Sorry for the silly question, but how did you rename the smartware folder? When I rightclick for options on the folder I only get “paste” which is grayed out, and “New Folder”. Also, after you renamed it, does the automatic backup still work? Thanks.

First I wanted to change the backup folder from the browser-panel. But there was no such option. Finally I managed to do so within the “SmartWare” software. Just select another folder in the drop-down choice on the start page (probably you create it first).

Afterwards the existing content was in the new folder and again accessable from the mobile app or mycloud.
But, currently I’m no so sure if the backup really still works?! I noticed now, that in the explorer context-menu the old ‘smartware’ folder is still present. When choosing the “backup to” command an exception is shown and also the backup finishes only partly. I could not find any newer files anymore on the NAS! But those should have been stored to the NAS!

@WD/anyone: Did someone noticed the same bug! Backup finishes partly successful. Meanwhile I have over 600 files that could not been saved to the WD device!