SmartWare - Fixed it

I just purchased a ‘My Passport’  Essential SE at the weekend. After installing the Smartware software I initially experienced a myriad of problems with my desktop computer locking up, a huge slowdown and even crashes. The software seemed to be unusually bad - unstable - much worse than one would expect from a commercial program.  For some reason it worked OK on my laptop.

Then I found that if I disabled the Superantispyware program on my desktop computer - suddenly everything started to work just fine. Has anyone else experienced this and is it possible that there is some sort of clash between these programs?

I’ve never heard of that anti-spyware program, but backup programs in general tend to conflict with anti-virus applications because they are trying to backup files while the anti-virus is checking them for problems… to make things worse the anti-virus program manufactuers usually tell you to remove the backup programs to fix the issue, and the backup program manufactuers tell you to remove the anti-virus…

if you think your antispyware conflicting with smartware, you can try add smartware (WDFME.exe, and other WD*.exe ) to your antispyware exception list and see if it fix the issue

also make sure your password essential using latest firmware and latest smartware (which updated recently)