Smartware file retrieval crashes on Windows 10

I need to restore the contents of one of my drives that failed. The operation crashes after a certain amount of time. It restored quite a few files before the crash. Oddly, after I noticed the crash, the computer was frozen in startup mode (“please wait” with the circle of dots spinning). I clicked my mouse and the computer resumed startup. When it finished, the system did not recognize my 3 other USB hard drives. I rebooted at this point, and the system started properly and all drives but the bad one were accessible.

Then I resumed the retrieval and the same thing happened. With thousands of files to retrieve, I have no easy way of knowing where the retrieval stands. I don’t want to duplicate hundreds of files and I don’t want to go through this a dozen times until I am done. Any help appreciated.

Hello there,

Try to see if you can plug the drive to a different USB port, perhaps this can help you out.

I will try that. I’m also wondering if it could have anything to do with being current (or not) with firmware or software version.