Smartware error * does not back-up several files

Today I noticed that a lot of files are not automatically backed up with the wd smartware pro version

In the column “Result” the message File Backup hanging (in dutch “Bestandback-up hangende”).

It becomes a lot of GB. At this moment 315 GB.
Moste files are MP4, AVI, EXE but also cdr, pdf, img, etc…

What is wrong, how can i solve this?

See images below, first shows backup in progress and second shows when it has been completed.
Click on, tap or activate images to enlarge them.



You may want to look at this too from the Knowledge base.


No messing about with limited file types. It just backs up whichever directories you choose, in whatever mode you wish.

Just saying…

Mine looks like the first picture.
But program is still running. I guess it wil backup the files under the warning sign later?
I wil wait for it to end and see what it has done then, it is running for 2 days now.

Those in yellow under Files Not Backed Up are in Queue. Once it shows Backup accomplished successfully if anything is still showing in yellow then check to see what did not backup.