SmartWare = DumbIdea

Oh my, why do you do this to users? The VCD is so stupid, and to make it part of the firmware crosses the line; it removes user choice. Because I figure I am PAYING for storage SPACE, and that’s why I buy a drive, plus I want to choose, always, what software I use, I generally toast every crappy thing that comes on drives, whether U3 partitions on Cruzer flash drives, or crud like this SmartWare on portable drives. I do not appreciate YOU choosing what is being foisted on me, and even more so when you DENY me the ability to completely remove every scent of it from my systems. Enough! At least U3 can be uninstalled. Hiding a partition (even a virtual CD) is just not cool. Not acceptable.

I’ve spent a lot of unbillable time working with a client’s machine to get this ■■■■ tamed and functional, and feel like sending a $1000 bill to WD for my time. I think I’ll fax one to the prez’s office for kicks and see if that gets some response.

Release a firmware fix soon to completely remove this functionality. Until it’s gone, this is the last WD portable drive I will buy or recommend. I have two Studio Worlds, a bunch of USB Passports and typically buy WD regular drives. Tick me off, and Seagate is lookin’ pretty good.

WD = Way Dumb


There is another broblem even worse than the VDC. New My Passport disks needs drivers for “WD SES Device USB Device”!!!