SMARTWARE doesn't seem to START when RUN BACKUP is chosen!

My Smartware gets to the point where it shows files in YELLOW on the Primary Drive but when I click RUN BACKUP, nothing seems to be happening. If I hit PAUSE BACKUP, the button changes color like it is pausing; then I hit RUN BACKUP and the button changes color but NOTHING APPEARS TO BE BACKING UP?  Any thoughts? or suggestions?

Also can you configure SmartWare to NOT automatically backup behind the scenes and only backup ON DEMAND (i.e. daily at end of work load? Would this improve general processor performance?     Thanks for your considerations!


I’m not sure about the answer to the 1st part of your question but the second part is what i have known from tech support is that the smartware is an automatic backup software without the option of scheduling  back up at a specific time of our choice. This makes the software to run at the background although we are not using it.

I took WDSmartware out of the autostart of my computer only leaving WDDrive Manager in there. This way my computer boots up faster since WDSmartware slows the start up down scanning your c:drive everytime you start windows. This way i can start the backup at anytime I want right from the system tray icon by clicking on WDSmartware. I can also stop it this way and the backup starts whenever I want it to since sometimes I want to use my Passport 1TB drive just as storage without backing up the files on my computer at the same time.