Smartware doesn't keep up to date with files


i’ve got wd passport with smartware it’s set to only have one version of files.

i was checking through the drive today to see that important files were backed up, and i realised there are many files it isn’t up top date on- there are files that haven’t been updated for more than a week, but there are new files from yesterday that have been backed up.

i do get quite a lot of  ‘files not backed up’, (no reason stated) although the ones that are out of date aren’t even on that list… and in the end the drive ‘completes backup successfully’ anyway.

i’ve just tried switching to category backup, and SOME of the old files have been updated but others not, and in fact now some of them appear to be backed up with missing data.

anyone come accross this particular issue?

i have to say… this is one of the most awful pieces of software i’ve had to deal with. (from problems with installs on different pc’s to running incredibly slowly or freezing, to being unable to eject the drive, to crashing regularly…) it’s easier to ask when it actually works.

The 1.5 version should at least tell you why it’s not working… If it’s not even doing that then what if you try any other software than Smartware?

Hi kswak,

this sounds similar to a problem that I have noticed with Please check my postings on the thread.


Hi kswak,

just a check on whether you have any IObit software on your system (especially Toolbox or 360). It seems that hey may be interfering with the Windows file manager and causing the problems.

Please reply and let me know whether or not you have them.