Smartware does not find MyCloud on a bridged wireless

Hello WD Community

I am not sure if WD Support checks these threads. bute here goes :slight_smile:

the WD MyCloud works and runs Smartware on the modem with wireless that came from the telecompany.

the thing is it has only 100mbps LAN and a sad 62mbps wifi. and it has to be delivering NAT/DHCP since it also runs the IPTV.

so I have installed a Linksys EA6300 as a bridged wireless access point. AC wireless and all the goodies.

but sadly the WD Smartware doesn’t find it, when I am on the Linksys router. but only on the slow router that came from the telecompany.

and the Mycloud application for windows/iOS/Android finds it perfectly :slight_smile:

just that the Smartware software that doesn’t find it.

is it possible to fix it myself?


Try connecting the My Cloud to the Linksys router.