SmartWare does not display all of my drives in Backup Source -- HP Envy

I have an HP Envy running on Windows 8.1.

The current drive configuration is 

One built in Hard Drive (non spinning) ----- System (C:)/ Recovery (D:)

And two removable drives (SD Card)  -----  E:/G: for data storage

As the System drive is so small it can only contain those programs that must be co-located on the System drive.   Any media, mail, documents, and self-standing programs must be located on the SD Cards.

The problem I face is that SmartWare only lists the System and Recovery drives inthe Backup Source.  I need to include the documents and mail as part of my continous backup.

I have been using Windows File History but it does not back up my files when I am not conntected to my home network.

What can I do to enable SmartWare to backup these drives?

Thanks in advance…


WD Smartware does no support Memory sticks or SD Cards are source for the backup. I recommend you post this in the Ideas Section.

Software & Accessory Ideas

One trick that might work is to use a virtual hard drive to contain the backup. I use this with my Windows 7 Home Premium set-up to back-up directly to my WD MyCloud Mirror (using the WIndows backup tool, as I’m not fully trusting of Smartware to do the job so want a backup backup solution). Normally Windows Backup can only backup to physical drives, not network ones in the Home Premium case (you need the more expensive Enterprise/Full product to be able to backup to networks, blame MS for that). But by doing this it makes the system see the VHD as a normal internal drive rather than a removable or networked one, so can be set as a target or source.

Details of how to do it are in the below link. It may be useful in your scenario too perhaps?