Smartware does not backup modified truecrypt container file

I store private documents in an encrypted container file and do wanna backup the file to mybooklive drive using wd smartware. smartware does backup the container file once but does not backup the file after modifying the container. Means every change of any document will not be backuped at any time.

Is there any solution for that problem?

Can smartware be configured to backup files just by changing the modification date?


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling WD Smartware?

Hi Hamlet,

Yes I uninstalled and reinstalled Smartware but that does not solve anything.

Best regards


On my computer the truecrypt container file will always keep the same “modified date”. No matter if I add data into the file. The “virtuelle Truecrypt Drive” wich the file contains seemed to stay the same for Windows. It might be the “normal behavior” of Truecrypt.

I think Smart Ware scan the files for the “modified date”. As the modified date stays the same Smart Ware will not recognice the file as modified an don´t back it up again.

Check the modified date from your file. It will be the same as the creation date. I´ve got no workaround for that. It might help to move the file manualy to an other folder. Then it will be backed up once again.

Just my private suggestion. I hope it might help.