Smartware didn't backup, Quickview show two non existed devices

I recently upgrade my Smartware on my Macbook running OS X 10.7 from 1.3.6 to 1.3.7. After upgrade, the quick view shows WDMyCloudEX4 which I have never used or seen before. Also, the other device showed as “My Book Studio” this information S/N: [Deleted] Space Available 58% At this point, I did not plug in my “My Book Essential” to my machine but the quickview software already show non sense devices already. For backup issue, when run the Smartware, it does categorizing files as usual but once it checks the external disks and it stopped. The drive layout of the external drive showed 0 files. The “start backup” did not do an

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It would be best for you to share the exact model numbers of those hard drives as WD SmartWare does not support modern WD drives in Mac OS systems.

You will need to use Apple Time Machine instead:


Thanks, I am using My Book Essential WDBAAF0020HBK-01. I followed the update path. My previous version worked well without major issue. Once I upgraded to the latest 1.3.7. I can’t backup anymore so I decided to switch to Time Machine.