Smartware did not backup my files as advertised

I installed smartware for my My Book Essential on my computer 6 months ago. Today my hard drive crashed. On another computer I searched  My Book for my files and found them in the smartware.swstor folder. Except that the files were over a month out of date! Nothing for almost a month had been backed up. Unbeknownst to me, Smartware had stopped doing its job, with no warning, nothing. It gave no indication that it wasn’t working, and the drive was never disconnected from the computer. Just when I really needed Smartware to be there for me, it failed big time. This software appears to be totally unreliable. 

Hi, did you had the latest smartware version installed?


I don’t know. Doesn’t Smartware prompt when new versions are available? How can I find out without reinstalling the program? I have the My Book drive plugged into my laptop so I can check what’s on it but that is not the system I use in for. My crashed computer is in the shop. Besides, are you suggesting that earlier versions of Smartware didn’t work properly, or that as soon as a new version is available all previous ones are suspect and can’t be trusted?

Thanks for your interest. You can probably tell I’m a bit peeved that the backup system I chose failed me in my hour of need. The drive sat there blinking away supposedly keeping my data safe and sound, but when it came to the crunch – literally – a month’s worth of hard work was not there.