Smartware Corrupting mp3 files into .PTL files

I now have two MyBooks — 320 (running Memeo) and 500 (running Smartware) — and I have two issues:

FIRST: Why are both HDs corrupting my mp3 music files and converting them into useless .PTL files??

SECOND: Is it normal for Smartware to take my entire PC hostage every 5-6 minutes or so?? For what purpose?? Like clockwork it grabs and consumes all my PCs resources [there is goes again] . . . Can I erase the drive, uninstall Smartware, and just drag-and-drop like the old days when life was so much simpler??

Your time is greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can format both drives, Un-install the WD Smartware and just drag and drop your files. Just make sure that you Un-install the WD Smartware first.

Now, regarding the issue of Smartware taking over your computer, have you updated the software to the latest version, I have read that this was one the fixes in this release.

Finally, regarding your data corruption, scan you drives for errors, just in case…