Smartware continuous backup not executing

I setup smartware to work with a 4TB MyCloud. It was then upgraded to SmartWare Pro. It is setup in continuous backup mode, but it doesn’t seem to run even though it does appear in my taskbar. If I open Smartware, it shows the Drive and briefly states that login is required, then a moment later it displays the summary and I check the backup and it shows it as running. So as long as I manually open it, and force it to authenticate, it works, but it doesn’t seem to do this without my manual intervention. Is there a way to resolve this so it actually runs continuously without user intervention?

The WD SmartWare Pro has been descontinued by Western Digital and recommending to use Standard version of SmartWare. You should completely remove the old version of SmartWare Pro and install updated version SmartWare from WD Support link.

I just downloaded and installed it 2 weeks ago?! Has this just changed?

Did you install the WD SmartWare from below mentioned link?