Smartware capability?

I’ve been impressed by the idea of using Smartware for backup, but it’s not clear from the WD website exactly what it can do, especially from the point of view of restoring files (the restoration example is just a simple single file restore).

Can it back up the whole of my PC? (WinXpPro SP3)

In other words, can I backup my PC totally, and restore the whole hard-drive in case of failure?


hi thr ,

                  no it doesn’t backup whole computer …it only backup pictures,vedios,music,documents ,mails etc from computer…

 we can only backup above files and restore them

wd smartware is not capable of CLONING …

Thanks, that’s useful.

I’ve been using Rebit software (no affiliation), on a 320Gb WD USB drive, and it works fine. The advantage to me is that it backs up the whole computer, and can make a complete restore in case of hard-drive failure.  It’s unlikely, I know, for WD to offer Rebit as an option on their hardware, but I would have thought it was a perfect solution for a full backup without any special configuration or technical knowledge.

The other advantage is that there is no configuration required - everything is automatic, and since I’m not technically proficient, it certainly is the solution for me, and it’s not expensive.

My problem is whether I can use this Rebit software on a WD My Passport (for travelling) drive either 500Gb or 750Gb, and I haven’t found the definitive answer.