Smartware cannot find MyCloud device

When I open the smartware applicaiton it only gives me dropbox as a backup option.  It cannot detect the MyCloud device.  Although on the same computer I can get to my device through the WD My Cloud application or through my browser.  Why is Smartware unable to detect the device??  It has the “backup” tab grayed out.  I was able to perform a backup last night when I set this up for the first time.  The only thing I can think of is that since the backup last night, the software got upgraded and now isnt working. 

I am doing this from an XP PC but having these same problem from my MAC as I tried to get the backup service running on it for the first time tonight as well.

Are these posts by you all to do with the same problem?

The smartware software only notifies you of an update. You have to manually install a new version.

Yes.  What does your advice mean.  I’m not lloking for a new version of Smartware but rather a version that can find the MyCloud device.